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“As you know, I was addicted to self-diagnosing on the internet, but I want you to know you are the reason I am ending my affair with the internet because I now trust that I am getting the medical help I need. I feel fortunate to have found Wellness Alternatives. I have worn a superwoman cape for 2 years because I didn’t know what was happening to me. My self-advocacy and survival skills were exhausted. I was tired, a little depressed, brain-buzzed and scared. None of my previous specialists were truly helpful and none could connect why I have four different inflammatory diseases. My immune system was pissed off and I needed to find out why. I knew my symptoms were not just bad luck. I knew I was not crazy! My symptoms are real and have deeply affected my life.

When I found that Wellness Alternatives treats patients with invisible illnesses, autoimmune diseases and cytokine induced sickness… I said this was ME! I have an INVISIBLE ILLNESS! I was shocked to find that you were nearly in my backyard and – OMG; I am so glad I called. Passion and Knowledge and Understanding leapt through the phone. I had never heard of the tests you offered to look at my immune system and no one had tested to see if hormones were involved. At first, I was hesitant because Wellness Alternatives is out of our insurance network, but I guess sometimes you get what you pay for.

After 30 days with 2 visits and 3 tests, I have hope for the first time in 2 years. My hair loss has subsided and I have baby hair growing in. I am on less thyroid medication, and I have a lot more energy. The dietary restrictions are not as hard as I thought and it is working- my constipation and diarrhea episodes are getting under control. I feel much more clear-headed and positive. 2013 is going to be a good year for me…. I may even train for the MS 150 this year and I have you to thank.” Sincerely, Stephanie

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I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done to help me. I was dizzy, my energy level was abysmal, and I did not feel like doing much of anything. All of a sudden I feel really well. I have lots of energy; I have begun using the treadmill, which was impossible before, and I am not getting out of breath and winded any more, with my heart pounding at rest or exertion. My fingernails have color in them for the first time in years and I even spent over an hour on a ladder yesterday painting the walls. Once again, may God reward you for everything. I really am most grateful.
Thank You!
I am so glad I took this test. I’m excited about taking the next step. A little nervous about the low monocytes. But I am hopeful the treatment protocol will resolve it.
This has been a scary time in my life. Knowledgeable and helpful people that really care is reassuring.
Sending my sister and several others to you for care.
I’m looking forward to touching base with you over the next month while I go through the protocol and then talking to you about the seminars. There are a lot of people who need to hear what you are doing and how they can improve their health.
Thank you again.

A.H. ,
I just wanted to let you know that I got my annual mammogram this week (good timing with my issues in the last week!) and everything looked much healthier. I did not have anymore fibro cystic issues. I attribute that to my supplements and diet changes in the last year! Thanks again for all you do!
The Adrecor has been great! I seem to already have noticed better energy.

Thank you Dr. Peterson for helping Karlie with her headaches. This has been going on for years until meeting you. We will always return in the future for any of our needs. God Bless!
I just wanted to drop you a note telling you and Dave how much better I am feeling. I would say that within 2-3 days I started to feel a lot better and with a week I was feeling great. I really appreciate the time and effort you both gave me and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like a new person. I am sleeping better, I am not as tired, and I have a general feeling of well being… my whole outlook has brightened. Thank you both so much. I find it fascinating that the combination of the easy blood work and the quick turn-around analysis really targeted the problem. The therapy that I am on now is so easy to maintain. Again thank you, See you soon.
Gratefully, V.S.,
Dr. Peterson,
I am so thankful for your services and the ways you’ve improved my health and the health of my family. I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon this past weekend. Faster and with more ease than ever before. My training in the past was always hindered with pain and injuries and no stretching or icing or even chiropractic care ever “healed” me until I came to you. I am amazed with how quick and effective your process of rehabilitation is. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the gift of a Fully Functioning body. Thanks for all you do.
P.S. Luca is thankful for a well rounded head too!!!

Thanks for the thoroughness of your response. Only when I came across Dr. K’s book and site and through it, Dr. Dave, did I finally consult with someone who actually knew what was going on with me. Just like you once told me on the phone, Debby, Dr. Dave is “really smart.”
I want to reinterate that my choice to give Dr. Dave a try is directly attributable to you, Debby. I lucked out in reaching you when I initially called, and so my first impression of your office was one of competence, seasoned experience and relevant knowledge. You don’t come across as a cheerleader for the practice, but rather exude a balanced user-friendly authoritativeness, which to me is the best testimony.

L. ,
Thank you so much for recommending the EndoTrek spray. Dr. Dave told me to give her one spray every 4 hours because it sounded like a cytokine storm. Dr. S. thought Zyrtec and we wanted to avoid that. She is a different kid – no tantrums sine two hours after the first spray! And she’s running and playing again! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you !!!!
I am so thankful for your services and ways you have improved my health and the health of my family. I ran the KC half marathon this past weekend faster and with more ease than ever before. My training in the past was always hindered with pain and injuries and no stretching or icing or even chiropractic care ever “healed” me until I came to you. I am amazed with how quick and efficient your process is. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the gift of a fully functional body. Thanks for all you do.
That was an excellent presentation that Dr. Peterson just put on. We feel very grateful to have finally found someone who understands our issues.
I’m about 18 days into my supplements (I’m about 90% compliant on my dosing) and I have to say I’m experiencing some extraordinarily positive results. The extreme fatigue (so extreme it was almost painful) is gone, some weariness here and there but man what a difference. I would also say a more positive sense or feeling, of course that is harder to measure but its seems true. Also an interesting side note is that some of my feces smells like its coming from a toxic waste dump. Are these supplements also cleansing agents? I still have a ways to go to “getting all the way better” (weight gain, need more energy to get back to what i used to experience) but I have some great early returns here…
I know this is long overdue, but I wanted to take the time to tell you what an awesome job you did with our son. He went from a 3rd grader zombied-out on Ritalin and functioning at a 6 year old level to a drug-free 4th grader who is getting nearly all B’s at his appropriate grade level. The educators here in Denver are shocked to see how well he performs based on what last year’s St. Louis school records showed. All we can say is chiropractic performs miracles every day! Thanks again for helping in our miracle.
The best explanation in a simplified version of the workings of the immune system that I have read, and a great explanation of LDN and how it works! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to give my doctor a copy of your article. -A.B.
The adjustment has been incredible. I did have the migrating pains for a few hours afterwards but like you said they disappeared quickly. I slept without any pain and feel so much more balanced. I also think that by yesterday my facial asymmetry improved possibly by about 60%. I agree that a follow up adjustment would be really good.

My sister says her body feels very good too and her jaw is completely relaxed. We are SO grateful! Thank you!!

I will do the blood draw for the Ion test early this week.

… I’ve gone through so many changes. Obviously, my clothes have changed. I’ve gone from a 22 to a 12 and some of those are now loose. My personal Chin-ese book got smaller because the ‘chins’ moved out. (a joke) People say I don’t even look like myself anymore and between you and me, I was not so great. I feel like I’m beautiful. But it doesn’t stop there. My blood pressure has come down. My energy level has shot up. For the first time in a long time, I am free of the pain in my knees that I have been plagued with for so long. I can cross my legs and get up off the couch without moaning. Hey, these are big things! This program removes the excuses if you just do it.
C. (more than 80 pound weight loss with Take Shape for Life program),